NSA LINKS THE WANNACRY COMPUTER WORM TO NORTH KOREAThere is a direct link between the North Korean government and the creation of a destructive computer worm. The worm has infiltrated over 300,000 computers in about 150 countries in just the past month says US intelligence. An assessment was issued internally which was not made public. The internal assessment was based on an analysis of the techniques and tactics used and show that North Koreas spy agency, Reconnaissance General Bureau, targeted the worm attack. Someone who read the report stated it pointed to North Korea with moderate confidence.

It also states that cyber actors were sponsored by the spy agency and created two versions of the worm. It was purported to be built around a hacking tool and posted online by a group called the Shadow Brokers. This anonymous group was trying to use the worm to raise money for themselves. The efforts were flawed. They did raise about $140,000 in Bitcoins but have yet to cash the digital currency in. It could be due to the fact that this operational error has made it easy for them to be tracked by the law. Read More Here

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